Photography & Project by & Stefan Dungs

StackMaster Controller R1 Plus

Controller-R1 Plus for StackMaster R+S

The StackMaster R1 Plus controller is based of the StackMaster R1 controller and is equiped with a graphical 2,42 Zoll OLED-Display. Additional with a 360 Grad Rotary Encoder with a RGB-LED, to control the menu system. A four button keyboard help to manual control the system. Beside of the manual in- and output devices the system is equipped with more innovative technologies. Thanks to an integrated WLAN system, it can be operated directly with any terminal device that has Wi-Fi. This also eliminates the need for cumbersome software installation. With an optionally available activation code, the controller can also control any commercially available linear slide.

Optionally available sensors such as proximity switches, light barriers, IR barriers, etc. can be connected to the controller. These are used to start the stack function automatically. The number of the function can be entered.

StackMaster Revolution Kit is an electronically controlled macro rail system for outdoor focus stacking. It was developed especially for outdoor use. Due to consequent weight reduction and direct drive, the outdoor photographer has a light, very precise and in handling unique device at his disposal. The StackMaster R1 Plus controller is available as a low power version with up to 1,2A for NEMA17 stepper motors.

StackMaster Revolution Photography & Project by & Stefan Dungs

The mechanical connection at the bottom of the carriage consists of a dovetail rail (compatible with standard clamp holders). One tripod thread with 1/4" and one tripod thread with 3/8". The mounting options on the top of the slide are compatible with our products. Thus, either the hole pattern (2 threads and 2 dowel pins) or the supplied quick-change clamp can be used. The concept has been extensively tested in outdoor use and optimized through the experience of the development team. The linear slide can be operated with our controllers. Optionally available are 2 controllers. For outdoor use only the controller R1 (see accessories) is recommended. Various sensors (optionally available) can be connected to this controller to trigger the stacking process.

Linear slide with stepping motor


  • Software-controlled linear slide for the convenient production for Focus-Stacking.
  • Software integrated in the controller.
  • Mountable on Stonemaster tripod or lifting table, as well as on standard tripods
  • Size: 70 x 262 x 60 (at motor flange) 53mm (over carriage) mm (W x L x H)
  • Travel: 115 mm
  • Max. Speed: approx.2mm / sec.
  • Smallest step size for Stackmaster Revolution: 1µm
  • Smallest step size for Stackmaster Studio: 1nm
  • Vertically the StackMaster can move ?? kg (to be determined)
  • The controller can be used to control all cameras that have a connection for a remote shutter release. To connect the controller to the camera you need a control cable (optionally available, see accessories). An IR remote shutter release is also available.
  • A reference point is stored when a limit switch is approached. This means that collisions at the end of the guide are no longer possible.
  • A high power with up to 3A for NEMA24 stepper motors or a low power version with up to 1,2A for NEMA17 stepper motors are available.
  • OTA software and firmware update possible.

Photography & Project by & Stefan Dungs

The controller contains all functions that are important and useful for stacking outdoors, such as:

  • Manual movement of the carriage - slow, medium and fast
  • Stacks with fixed starting point. End point can be determined manually by STOP button;
  • Stacks with fixed start and end point;
  • Singel steps at the end of each stack;
  • Video function;
  • Video stacks;
  • Integrated step size calculator;
  • Database for different sets;
  • Output of a protocol about the made stack
  • and much more.

As accessories we deliver a 12V/3000mA battery with charge level indicator, USB connector and charger (for mobile use) or a power supply (for studio use).

One battery charge lasts 1-3 days. This is possible due to a very energy-saving design of the controller and the software.

  • Software integrated in the controller
  • WLAN: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Size: 175x106x55 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 470g
  • Supported languages: German, English,French,Italian,Dutch,Spanish
  • Power supply: 12-24V
  • Connector 2,5mm jack for camera remote shutter release
  • Connector 3,5mm jack for div.sensors
  • The controller can be used to control all cameras that have a connection for a remote trigger. To connect the controller with the camera you need a control cable (optionally available, see under accessories).
  • An IR remote trigger is also available.